AAR part

I would first like to apologise for all those who have waited intensely for an update. I understand some of you will argue that because I am providing a free service, I shouldn't be apologising, but you are thus misunderstanding what I am apologising for. I have no problem with not updating my AAR when I feel like it, but I had a problem with not at least giving clarification on why. The truth is, I do not really want to talk about why. I am going through a crappy period in my life and I am looking for distractions everywhere. I also prefer easy choices, and I must admit the whole war with France made me nervous if I could actually pull it off.

I wish I could have made this update more special than it is, but I guess that's the cost of doing business. And I hope to updating semi-regularly from now on. While not exactly a crappy period coming up (although my life will probably continue to suck, but that's beside the point), it will be a busy period for me until the end of May.



... Wow. I don't care how long it's been since Ulm is very good at beating blobs.
What are your secrets?

By CivandEUIII on 15-05-2011 18:12:30

An update, an update, an update! *injects* ah, that's the stuff.

By Tkangaru on 16-05-2011 07:46:45

I came a little. <3

By emmCHECKMYDUBSya on 16-05-2011 18:57:22

so how frequently do you update?

By Fasces349 on 28-05-2011 16:35:36

so how frequently do you update?

I used to update once a day. But now I am unpredictable.

By Svip on 14-06-2011 14:28:18

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